SeaSafe Group Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the SeaSafe Group to provide the resources and security necessary to enable recreational boaters to truly enjoy their vessels. We seek to maximize the boating public’s enjoyment of their time on the water by providing them with the highest quality service and attention to detail. No request of a SeaSafe member is too insignificant or difficult to prevent us from assisting them.

We seek to offer the best value for your money and, at the same time, provide a sound financial foundation SeaSafe Group customers know the extended service contract or custom warranty program with our name on it, will be there throughout the life of their contract.

We understand the needs of the boating public and the marine community. We recognize the need to provide a prompt response to any inquiry whether it be for towing, repair or assistance. We promise that when a SeaSafe Group customer contacts us we will be gracious, courteous and helpful. We will never leave the customer with the sense that the policy or program he or she purchased does not perform to expectation. We will promptly locate and direct the necessary resources to the customer so that they may enjoy their voyage and their investment.

We acknowledge that only through a reputation for providing quality products and services will we continue to prosper. We understand the cornerstone to that reputation is the prompt and effective resolution to the customers’ requests. We recognize the need in the marine community for a service such as ours and we seek to be the very best at what we do.