SeaSafe is the Premier Marine Products Solution

SeaSafe Group was created to streamline and simplify bringing additional products and insurance solutions to your business.

Designed for marine dealers, brokers, repair centers and boat builders to automate the selling process of additional products while boosting customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Why Choose Us

We’re committed to make things go better—with the perfect balance of insurance and dealer knowledge we are more than just a product provider. We help develop innovative solutions in your dealership to better streamline F&I products and serve your customers with the best options possible while providing you with endless options to drive sales while keeping your dealership compliant.


About a year ago, we began searching for a reliable company that sold comprehensive “extended service” contracts on boats, engines and marine equipment at a fair price. After months of investigation we found a terrific company and now we are partnering with them to offer you what we think is the best program in the industry. SeaSafe Group policies offer the most comprehensive coverage of any extended service companies which are in the marine market today.

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