Why do I need a SeaSafe Service Contract?

Every year watercraft owners are left unprotected when their manufacturer’s warranty expires leaving them vulnerable to massive repair bills. Boats are complex and expensive to fix when they have mechanical issues.

Does SeaSafe Cover Jet skis?

Yes. We can cover new and used Jet skis.

Who will repair my Watercraft?

We prefer that you use one of our Approved Service Centers whose work and quality of service is monitored to ensure that they are providing the best overall customer satisfaction. However, you can use a different service center of you

Can I transfer my Coverage if I sell my watercraft?

Yes, having our extended coverage may assist in the sale as a peace of mind for the new owner.

How long can I extend coverage on a new boat?

Typically 36 additional months.

What required service needs to be done on my watercraft?

Your watercraft should be serviced following the recommendations of the manufacturer for the coverage to stay eligible.

Do I need to monitor my Fluids in-between services?

Between services you must ensure that the levels of fluids do not drop below the minimum levels stated in the Service Handbook.

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